Smarten Up Your Man – How to Provide Your Man With the Rules and Tools to Choose His Own Style


Do you often find yourself saying to your partner “that tie doesn’t go with that shirt, try this one instead” or maybe “why are you wearing those shoes with those trousers? It seems that we wives, sisters, mothers, girlfriends are the stylists (and often, the shoppers) behind our men’s wardrobes. Some love this responsibility but more and more of us wish their men could think for themselves on the style front.

Fashion and style are a part of our daily life. In this situation, we don’t any work without fashion and style. Develop a country to follow all kinds of development rules. American people are also fashionable all over the world. In this lesson, we are telling you how to grow the best fashion style and lifezooma is one of the best fashion magazines for you.

So, when they learn that their men can be taught how to style themselves, they jump at the chance of booking him in for an Image Consultation. He will be able to easily put together his outfits for business and social occasions. We women can use make-up to make our complexion flawless; an advantage which men do not have.

Therefore, it’s crucial that they wear a colour near to their face which compliments their natural skin tone. Wearing the right colour shirt will make a man appear younger, healthier, and make his eyes sparkle. Everyone can wear every colour but his colouring (hair, eyes, skin tone) will determine whether he should opt for lighter or darker shades, warm or cool undertones, and how strong (clear to muted) his colours should ideally be.

During an Image Consultation, your man will be shown how to assemble his wardrobe with coordinated clothing which provides maximum versatility. It is important for our men to know and understand their Style Personality because it will provide them with the knowledge of why a certain style of dressing suits their A well-dressed man will have an image which expresses his personality while also being appropriate for his workplace and social life.

Whether he has a Creative, Dramatic, Romantic, Classic, Natural, or International personality, understanding his Style Personality will be the catalyst in bringing his whole wardrobe together. So, now that he understands which colours are best for him and which image suits his personality, adding the finishing touches are crucial to perfecting your man’s image. An Image Consultant will help him analyze his build (body shape, scale, and proportions) and offer guidelines for clothes shopping for his build.

For example, the fabric he chooses needs to be in balance with his build and the style of suit which will suit him best will depend on his body shape. Whether he should wear his casual shirts tucked in or left loose will be determined by his proportions. Being appropriately dressed for every occasion creates the best first impression he can give. An Image Consultation will show your man how to look the part, whatever the occasion while still following all his rules of colours, build, and style.

In this world, there is a lot of countries and they have their own tradition. They organized their own cultural program in their country. In city life, people are so busy but they organized their life in a tradition. USA, China, Uk, Canada, and many countries organized a cultural function of their premises. Locally and globally it will publish social media and people enjoy it too much.

Many governments are also arranged their fashion and traditional programs of all of their office and it is a fashionable part of their government rule. In these magazines, we tell it.

In my experience, our men love to have the rules to hand which enables them to shop easily. They love having the confidence to be able to put together a suit, shirt & tie combination without having to ask us, women, for the advice! So, if you think your man needs smartening up, book him an Image Consultation. Or why not ease him gently into thinking about his image by buying him a copy of Image Matters for Men Published by Hamlyn for Colour Me Beautiful, Image Matters for Men provides an excellent first step into dressing your man for success.



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