Real Estate Options Within Miami Beach That Will Provide The Best Oceanfront Lifestyle For You


The city of Miami Beach is a favorite among people who are looking for the perfect opportunity to experience the incredible lifestyle and fashion photographers in Miami that comes when living right beside the ocean. After all, the location of the city between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay makes it the most idyllic setting for people who look forward to the opportunity.

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If you feel that you are ready to take on the luxury that comes with oceanfront living, perhaps you should get start checking out the range of Miami Beach condos that are currently being made available to you on the property market because no other real estate option within the city will provide you with the best oceanfront lifestyle than In order to give you an idea on what you can expect from the property market, we have put together a list of five oceanfront residential property options that are among the top Miami Beach condos that you can find throughout the city.

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While each one will differ in their own special way, the common factor among each one is their oceanfront location which will surely be able to provide you with 1500 Ocean Drive – located along Ocean Drive in the neighborhood of South Beach, the 16-story luxury condo is known as being the first to have teamed up with a world-class designer who has managed to provide an excellence piece of architecture that is loved for its contemporary features which emanates into each of the 112 condo units which go on the property market for starting prices of $500,000.

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Akoya – located along Collins Avenue in Miami Beach’s North Beach area, the 48-story luxury condo offers stunning modern homes spaces that are found within the tallest building in the city. It offers a selection of residences which include one, two- and three-bedroom options with starting prices of around $450,000.

If you wish to find affordable luxury within the city, the Akoya is definitely the place for you! Bath Club – located along Collins Avenue in the Millionaire’s Row neighborhood, the 20-story condo is considered to be among the most exclusive Miami Beach condos in existence today.

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Prices at the Bath Club begin at $1 million. Il Villaggio – located along Ocean Drive in the neighborhood of South Beach, the 17-story condo provides a world-class private community for its residents within one of the most fashionable If there is anything that can be said about this condo, it would be that all of your luxury needs will be taken care of at the Il Villaggio.

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Mosaic Miami Beach – located along Collins Avenue in the neighborhood of Mid-Beach, the 21-story condo provides the idyllic atmosphere that truly compliments oceanfront luxury. Prices begin at $700,000 for an outstanding modern home space that will provide the most amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the entire Miami city skyline. There are many other oceanfront condos that await you in the city of Miami Beach.

If you would like to find out more information on all your options, you should take the time to speak with a real estate agent that specializes in Miami beach condos to learn about where you are going to be able to have the best oceanfront living experience possible.






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