How to set relationship boundaries [a game for you]

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You are in a relationship with someone and never think to set it in a boundary-you may. However, it’s solely healthy to set a boundary within each and every relationship. Now the asking is how to set relationship boundaries. 

In the event that it seems unnecessary to set a boundary in a relationship. Moreover, there is plenty of misconception about the kind of boundary should be in a relationship. Considering all these things lifezooma creates a game for you to set it properly.

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So, let’s go on how to set relationship boundaries:

To start with initially just at glance see what actually called relationship boundary. This is basically sets of some limits or guidelines that seem for a person reasonable and safe ways to behave towards other people. On the other hand at the same manner from the opposite person. And, how to react if thses limits crossed.

On the off chance that relationship boundary is standing on some limits that guided two or more parties ways of behavior. Therefore, maintain a good relationship. If it is OK, then go for how to set relationship boundaries;

  1. Set first what to say and what not to: Say everything, however, nothing. Confusing, right? It means whatever you going to say, firstly think about the impact. If it seems bad, ignore it, simply.
  2. Find do and don’t: This is a very useful trick on how to set relationship boundaries. If it is your goal to maintain a healthy relationship, set it first- do and don’t. Keep in mind opposit’s also set some limits to maintain a good relationship, so try to adapt it. Even a single activity can ruin your relationship in a second.
  3. Set an endpoint: Yet, the relationship never ends, however, set an endpoint at least for a time being. Don’t feel unhappy to let it go, never.
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So, friends how do you feel? Is it OK? May we continue it?

Yes! Ok, then let’s go to the next;

4. Don’t assume: There is a word like, “assume means=ass you+ass me.” Be that as it may, reject any kind of assume regarding your partner. It may cause harm to your relationship. Seriously, consider this one important part of how to set relationship boundaries.

5. Be respectful: To being that never lets you be a slave. Whether you are a small role in a relationship or not, shape it in both depend on position. It’s a little bit taught and tricky, however, try to maintain it.

6. Be responsible, but not for all: The last but not the least gaming role on how to set relationship boundaries. Indeed, never feel you solely responsible for all happenings. However, be responsible for those within your limits. You may feel responsible for your happiness, for instance. But never feel it incomplete without other parties of your relationship.


It’s true that there are plenty of limits, guidelines, riles you may set to maintain a good relationship as a boundary. All the things are to keep a healthy and sustainable relationship, nothing else.

Considering that, try to set a reasonable boundary for your relationship. Subsequently, never use all the boundaries for each and every relationship. As not all the relationship are the same in nature. Relationship with your girlfriend or with your colleagues, for instance, not the same in nature.

Oh, you have a BONUS point, and that is;

7. Be honest: You know honesty is the best policy and it’s for all accounts. So, try to be honest by all the way you could. It will enable you to maintain a very good relationship, even in the long run. Let them know what really you are thinking about it. Let them realize whatever you are facing worst. Therefore see the reaction taken by them, that’s it.

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So, what’s more? On the off chance that nothing more for today my friends. Just keep in mind described the above gaming points on how to set relationship boundaries, may differ from person to person.

It focused on some very typical and generally used ways to do so. Leave it, break it or have with yours, then use it- solely up to you.

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