How You Can Keep Your Body Healthy And Fit?


Don’t you think that health is wealth? If yes, then the development of your wealth is at your hands.

Today, lifezooma will show you how you can keep your body healthy and fit in any circumstances.

Nowadays the biggest challenge in our life is to keep the body healthy and fit. But in our busy lives, we do not care too much about our bodies.

As a result, age imprint appears in our face, weight increases, body skin & hair looks ugly. Not only that but also many people suffer from various illnesses and diseases.

So we must care about our bodies from now onwards. And you do not have to worry too much about it. You can stay healthy and fit If you adjust yourself with a few small tasks regularly. Let’s talk about the tasks.

Think Well

Whatever you do in life, try to think always well. Start each day with good thoughts that will keep your body and mind healthy, refresh and fit.

Dr. Nedine Sammy, Sport, and Health specialist of the University of Exeter, says we need to pay special attention to our minds. By recognizing own feelings, people can focus most on their health and safety.

So always think positive and never be excited, worried and frustrated. Expect better from anything bad.

Proper Eating

Food is one of our daily companions. Start breakfast with healthy food that will help you to stay refresh throughout the day. You need to know which foods are suitable for you and which not.

Nutritionist says if you keep following 7 foods in your diet regularly then your body will be healthy and fit.

  1. Apple: Apple contains the necessary fiber, vitamins, and carbs.

2. Egg: Egg helps to repair cells in the body and losing weight. It contains protein as well as a lot of nutrition.

3. Milk: Milk is treated as an ideal food. It is a source of all vitamins (except vitamin C), essential minerals, carbs, and fats.

4. Chicken Broast: It has protein and will assist to strengthen the muscles.

5. Salmon Fish: The fish will keep your heart healthy. It contains a lot of vitamins, protein,  and omega-3 fatty acids.

Peanut: It is a good source of protein, calories, fat, carbs and fiber.

Green Tea: The demand for Green tea is increasing to retain youth. It has multiple nutrients as well as minerals. But if you have any physical problem, must discuss with a doctor first.

Daily Exercise

This is an important key to staying healthy and fit. Make it a routine and spend at least 30-40 minutes every day for exercising.


  • Take a morning walk for 20 mins.
  • Practice bicycling 10-15 mins daily.
  • Spend 10 mins for skipping with a rope.
  • Swim for 10-15 mins. This is one of the best exercises for your body.
  • Use stairs by saying “no” to the lift or escalator.

Sufficient Sleep

Another important thing is to sleep regularly for 07-08 hours. Lack of sleep can harm people’s cognitive function and learning new things.

It is best to go for sleeping in between 9 pm and midnight. The exact time depends on when you wake up. But the habit of early to bed and early to rise is very good for health.

Give up smoking and drinking

If you have a habit of smoking and drinking, then you should immediately get out of these. You can consult a good nutritionist to know its harmful aspects as well as to get the proper way to give up these bad habits.

To Sum up with

People are nowadays going through hectic days. They don’t have enough time to take a long route to keep their body healthy and fit.

I think this article can teach all walks of people how in short route they can keep their body healthy and fit. So enjoy your health.

Good Luck !!!


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