Girls Fashion Style[Some Cute Tips For You]


Fashion and style are a part of our life. We can’t do any work with this and in this magazine, we describe how to lead a good and fashionable style and lifezooma is one of the best magazine websites for you.

Guys let’s go start……..

It was 2005 when the skinny jeans hit the floors with a lot of pomp and show and their effect is still strong and prevalent. Earlier it was associated with the punk culture and wearing them depicted that individual is different from others, but now it’s a new fashion statement amongst girls and women.

Girls Fashion Style
Girls Fashion Style

Its colored pattern is just so fresh and lively that it will make you look and feel like a diva. Thus, for all those who are fashion-obsessed and are always looking for some better alternatives to look chic and charming, colored tight-fit jeans are a way to go. If you are thinking that only slim can adopt this elegant style, then you are mistaken. Today, the markets are offering the best designer jeans for plus size women as well.

So, ladies no need to worry, your size will not come in the way of your desire to look gorgeous and trendy. You can explore the stock of the best skinny jeans for women now for giving an interesting makeover to you and your wardrobe. Be it a slim or a plus-size woman, the figure-hugging jeans can be worn by anyone at any time.

Girls Fashion Style
Girls Fashion Style

Here are those 4 signs which make these trendy attires one of the best fashion options for the years to come. Let’s take a look and celebrate the rocking era of colored skinny jeans:


  1. Eye Catchy Pair Up with Leather Jackets: Colored skinny jeans can be excellently paired with your leather jackets for that stylish and ultramodern appeal.

It will impart you that rowdy look with a touch of sophistication in your every move.

So just wear them and showcase your alluring figure in the best possible way.

  1. Anybody Can Wear These: The best part about these colored skinny jeans is that these can be worn by anyone.

Teenagers, younger women, mature women or plus size women, it’s the fashion statement of all the gorgeous ladies.

Now you can flaunt your best physiques in the range of colors, starting from red to yellow.

Just do it now and let the world see your beauty.


  1. High Heels or Boots, Skinny Jeans Look Good with Almost All Footwear: Whether its platform, pencil or block, any heel would do the magic when worn with the pair

Just make the best pick suiting your style and taste and spell the charm of your beauty with the best colors and heels.

  1. A Comfy Fashionable Attire: Another sign that makes it an all-time fashion pick is its comfort and coziness.

Yes, tight-fit jeans are very comfortable and this is what make you feel confident wearing it every time.

So just feel the goodness of these jeans by making the best pick today.

Shop now for your favorite color and impress everyone with your trendy styling sense.


Punk Princess Fashion Style – Clothes That Mix Skulls, Skeletons, and Soft Fabrics

Punk Princess Fashion Style
Punk Princess Fashion Style

Why not give a little bit of an edge to your closet by incorporating a little bit of punk into your wardrobe? It’s a great trend with celebrities all over the world. It’s very easy to do… just follow the following guidelines:

  1. Incorporate neon colors alongside a black background.
  2. Add tights in every color and style, the edgier the better.

    Do it as Taylor Momsen does it, playing punk princess on gossip girl.

  1. Forget about flared jeans and pants since we want to move away from the hippie style.
  2. Graphic t-shirts with strong messages help create the punk attitude look.
  3. Accessories with a strong personality make the difference between a regular outfit and a punk princess one.

Add some toughness to your look with items like gloves with a skull print, scarves, converse shoes and rubber, and leather bracelets.

  1. It’s fun to wear a commonly girlie item that has gotten the punk princess treatment.

     cardigans, veil skits, lace socks are good examples.

  1. Use accessories or clothes with the UK flag.

England is always the best representation of the punk movement.

  1. Wear sweet and sour makeup using strong eyeliner and softly colored lips.
  2. Don’t forget about your hair, since it will seal the whole look.

You don’t want it to be too well done.

Cross-Body Bags and Beauty Accessories for Best Looks

Cross-Body Bags and Beauty Accessories for Best Looks
Cross-Body Bags and Beauty Accessories

There are lots of dresses and accessories to surprise you with their availabilities of various designs and styles for different occasions. So, you can double your style and look with new trendy jeans, skirts, hair accessories, and matching cross body bags.

Women love to walk with fashion and new trends of the world. They have a crush for their carry bags. There are a variety of items to match with your outfits and you can choose according to your budget and choice. These kinds of carrying cases are very stylish and trendy and you cannot afford to leave them. These accessories help to give a fresh look to the personality.

On special occasions, we often wear what is in trend. Women have lots of things to carry like the mobile, make-up kit, nail color, credit cards. So, they need something where they can put their accessories and feel relaxed. The cross-body bags are there to fulfill this need.

These kits are so comfortable and hand free that you need not worry about stealing the things. They want to wear the kind of stuff which suits them and add glamor to their looks.

When you are in the office, in a picnic or in any get-together, people always notice you, your body language, your dressing style, your attitude, and your carry-on. So, girls should always take care of what they wear. You must choose a good dress designer to give you a great and different look.

Women can choose the trendy backpack and matching dresses for any get-together or meeting. These knapsacks are suitable for all the events. Viewers always love them and want to accompany them. Women become attractive only when she does some extra efforts. You need to polish your god gifted beauty.

Games for the Girls on the Internet

Games for the Girls on the Internet
Image pexels- Games for the Girls on the Internet

Boys always seemed to be ruling the gaming fun on the internet. However, in the current generations and the ones to come the girls are not lagging too far behind. A lot of them have managed to find fun and exciting games. There are online games like shooting, racing, fighting, puzzles, etc.

For playing the best of these games the use of the internet is required. While playing these, children learn many things like technology, the internet, etc. These games are being played by them in their leisure times. Many girls are now experts at using the internet, getting to the right websites for the right games.

In this way, the usage of internet is growing fast. There are certain games which are developed for the girls. There are many websites that offer these games only for girls. These girl-games are easy to play and also interesting. There are various games like Barbie, royal fashion princess, the jewelry world, etc.

The Royal fashion princess is where there are 5 princesses with their own bedrooms, gardens, playgrounds. The player is required to help these princesses in decorating their bedrooms, gardens, and playgrounds with the available items. The jewelry world games are about selecting the best accessories like diamonds, bracelets, rings, etc. for different colorful dresses.

There are some games called Hair-games for the girls. These games are mainly about hairstyles. In these games, different hairstyles are provided for the player on their screens. There are games like hair mania, Yura hair, etc. These also provide the players in designing their own hairstyles. These are much pretty to play for the players. In these, the players do not do trails with the hairstyles but also with hair coloring.

Get the Right Fashion With the Bratz

Get the Right Fashion With the Bratz
Image pexels- Get the Right Fashion With the Bratz

Are you sick with the fashion clothing that is at the runway, featured at the fashion magazines, and yet it seems to fabulous for a party? Or that it may be uncomfortable for them to be worm for you? This is one of the realities of the fashion world and yet it is the trend, they are designer’s clothes. Well, you do not need to frustrate yourself with this; you only need to learn how to get the right fashion that you can apply to yourself.

One of the most glamorous celebrities with stellar popularity when it comes to fashion is the Bratz. See how Yasmin, Jade, Cloe, and Sasha teach and wear the right fashion clothes. These have to be satisfied before you can perfect the so-called fashion.

The three elements are personality function, and style. When you have these fitted in one, you are in the right direction of fashion. This is the key to how Bratz gains its popularity in being fashionable. Personality. One of the best things that the Bratz apply when it comes to fashion is that they do not just wear anything, even the latest fashion styles.

If you want to ride on with the latest style, add a twist into it by personalizing the style to make it more appropriate for you. Function. As we have said earlier, fashionable clothing should not only be stylish but also should serve its purpose. Though it is an art, it is also a science. Find the texture and the cut that matches perfectly and offers you the comfort of wearing.

Moreover, for fashion clothes to be stylish, it should be fit correctly on the body to get the right fit and accentuates the assets of the body. You need further to know very well your body and develop your fashion taste with the Bratz. Fashion cannot be learned in a single day.

It is transitional and it is only a few who develop such a good and perfect taste for fashion considering all the elements only in the finest.

Madden Girl Boots Zoiiee

Madden Girl Boots Zoiiee
Image pexels- Madden Girl Boots Zoiiee

Women are naturally creatures of fashion if you get my drift. 90 percent of women in the world succumb to the latest fashion trends. This is a natural phenomenon, as natural as breathing. That is why if you want to talk about the best thing that you could give to a woman. This is the very first thing that you should think about.

If you happen to follow this advice that I gave you about asking a woman about what she wants, you might get the same answers: shoes, dresses, and other girly stuff. Okay, all you have to do is pick one from the list. And when it comes to boots, I happen to know what are the best picks out there.

There are lots of different brands available in the market but if you are looking for quality, comfort, and economy, there is only one brand that I could recommend Madden Girl Boots are one of the best out there. When it comes to the features that the majority of women are looking for: the ultimate comfort, the best in style, never goes out of trend and affordability.

Madden Girl Boots are not expensive especially one of the models that they have that is very popular right now, the Zoiiee (no, that is not a typographical error; Madden has got a knack of misspelling words intentionally, really.) Anyway, this model is one of the best out there. The detailing is perfect despite its affordability.

It is made up of faux – leather that is repeatedly pleated and folded. It also features buckled straps that accent the entire boot, located on the heel. Gives you that extra swagger, when you need it and if you need it.It is beautiful, it is trendy, it is sexy and it’s got that swagger in it that makes it on top of every list. It’s made of synthetic materials; the sole is manmade and it is knee-high.

It also has an extra-long zipper on the back portion of the boots to make sure that you could wear with ease. That is why the next time you are going to buy something for a woman, try this. Madden Girl Boots, and remember the Zoiiee model tool. It is specifically one of the coolest models of maddening boots.

Christmas Gifts For Girls in 2009

Christmas Gifts For Girls in 2009
Image pexels- Christmas Gifts


Looking for the top 10 Christmas gifts for girls in 2009? There are plenty of exciting toys out there that promise all-out fun for little girls! Toys that encourage children to use their own creativity to do or create something make truly excellent gifts.

Let’s now take a look at the top ten toys for girls that will have them cooking up some serious fun -Little chefs can go wild whipping up delicious dishes with the help of the Kid Kraft Large Kitchen. They will find a stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

Little girls can play in their own salon with the enchanting Barbie Style Salon playset where they can groom Barbie in real style! Girls will enjoy being star stylists with the functional glitter sink to wash Barbie’s hair. They can streak her hair and create the most fabulous hairstyles with the fun tools provided.

Girls who love to design their own line of beauty products can get a head start with the ‘Make your own Lip Balm’ kit. Watch them smack their lips over these fruity lip balms. All they need to do is mix yummy flavors with a smooth lip balm base to come up with their original ‘lip balm’ line.

If she’s the arty type, she’ll adore the ‘Friend 2 Friend kit’ that will help her create gorgeous best friend bracelets and bands. The kit has everything she needs to create them from looms to beads and floss. If your girl loves horses then the Shrinky Dinks kit will have her doing cartwheels with delight! It’s my personal favorite of all the top 10 Christmas gifts for girls in 2009 This is one gift that’s sure to become a keepsake.

Budding quilters can create a family keepsake by just knotting and lacing all the provided fleece squares. It comes with easy instructions and a template. The Dora Links Doll will be her ticket to an online world of adventure!

The doll can be plugged into the computer and engages girls in hours of interactive play – solving mysteries, helping friends and generally having a good time in the Girls love customizing the appearance of Dora online too and giving her new looks that correspond with their gameplay.

Let her host her own tea party with this enchanting butterfly tea set that comes packed in a charming carry-along basket. Makes an excellent gift for girls who love to play hostess! Do you want to give her an Mp3 player with an attitude?

It not only plays music but also offers a wide range of customizable fashions and accessories. Girls can also use it as a key to explore the online world of Barbie. These inline skates help little girls to look ultra-cool as they skate around.




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